What’s different?

Pluscig Products Compare

With this table, you can know what’s the different of  our products.

ModelStyleBattery CapacityEndurance heatsticksAdjust TemperatureScreen displayLink for Shop
Pluscig P7Column style3500mAh40Precise adjustmentSHOP NOW
Pluscig P3Column style2150mAh30Precise adjustmentSHOP NOW
Pluscig K2Box style2900mAh35Precise adjustmentSHOP NOW
Pluscig P2Box style1300mAh20Precise adjustmentSHOP NOW
Pluscig B3Column style1300mAh203 Levels×SHOP NOW
Pluscig B2SBox style2900mAh354 levels×SHOP NOW
Pluscig B2Box style2400mAh333 leves×SHOP NOW
Pluscig V10Pen style900mAh15××SHOP NOW
Pluscig V2Pen style900mAh15××SHOP NOW